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We are InvestFife. Our goal is to bring enterprise in Fife together and help promote our Kingdom as a destination to grow and succeed in business.  Our encompassing services provide information, reassurance and support to help you invest or grow your business.  InvestFife offers a one-stop solution for all your investment queries.  Our dedicated and responsive team are waiting to help you grow your business vision today.


Offering an unbeatable quality of life

The best life is the Fife life.  We are on the doorstep of Edinburgh, Scotland’s thriving capital city, yet you can also enjoy a more casual pace of life. Surrounded by over 100 miles of magnificent coastline and with an endless amount of leisure, historical and entertainment amenities, our Kingdom truly is one of marvel. Our enviable setting ensures that Fife is a commutable region for 70% of Scotland’s central population belt. Affordable housing, excellent transportation links and first-class lifestyle amenities make for the perfect work/life balance.


Key Sectors

Fife benefits from a flourishing economic landscape represented by several key sectors. From SMEs to multinational brands, the opportunity to invest in the Kingdom of Fife has never been greater. There are currently 9000 businesses currently operating in Fife, and we are primed and ready to welcome and support the next enterprise to invest in our Kingdom.


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To discover the latest developments in the Kingdom of Fife, you can read all about them on our regularly-up-dated news page.
From online training to face-to-face networking, our Events page will help you identify suitable events for your business and provide you with further information on how to book.
Learn more about our Fife’s thriving business economy by viewing our collaborative case studies. With representation across all sectors, this is a hub promoting business success.
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Where Heritage Meets Innovation

10 May 2024
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A place of history, innovation and opportunity

Welcome to Dunfermline, a historic and dynamic city in Fife, Scotland. Steeped in rich heritage and brimming with potential, Dunfermline offers a unique blend of opportunity and charm, making it an ideal location for your next investment.

The Ancient Capital of Scotland for over 400 years, home to Kings & Queens and a revered site of pilgrimage, was awarded City Status in the late HM The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Honours, 2022

Now one of Europe’s fastest-growing settlements, Dunfermline is the birthplace of world-renowned industrialist and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie and remains today at the forefront of innovation, investment, and opportunity

Invest in Dunfermline
Invest in Dunfermline

Featuring strategically located premium employment land sites and excellent public transport infrastructure with national and international links, Dunfermline benefits from being located as part of the Edinburgh and East of Scotland City Deal Region, and is a prime location for accelerated growth, investment, innovation and skills.

Dunfermline is home to a thriving financial and business services sector, with established companies like NatWest Group and Lloyds Banking Group.

Dunfermline boasts a rich heritage quarter, with attractions like Dunfermline Abbey and Palace and Pittencrieff Park, attracting tourists and contributing significantly to the local economy.

The city has a strong tradition in manufacturing, with expertise in food and drink production, engineering, and textiles.

Thriving Business Environment

Investing within Dunfermline is an investment in a dynamic and growing city. We offer a strategic location, a skilled workforce, a supportive business environment, and a commitment to innovation.

Dunfermline in numbers
Investment so far
Investing in growth

£130 million investment in Dunfermline City. This includes creating a new community hub in Abbeyview, replacing high schools, and building a new business park at Fife Interchange North.

Dunfermline is the home of Amazon’s 1.1 million sq ft fulfilment centre located at Fife Interchange North. This facility plays a significant role in their UK distribution network.

Ingenico, the global leader in payment processing solutions, has its headquarters located in Dalgety Bay, just outside of Dunfermline, strengthening the region's reputation as a hub for innovative technology companies

Connectivity to the rest of the world

Dunfermline boasts easy access to major cities like Edinburgh and Glasgow via the M90 motorway and a well-connected rail network. Edinburgh Airport is just a short journey away, opening global connections. Dunfermline's central location within Scotland provides access to a skilled workforce and a strong domestic market. Additionally, its proximity to major ports like Rosyth facilitates efficient import and export operations.

Our transport links via road, rail and sea enable businesses of all types to use Fife as a base.


  • Edinburgh 30 minutes
  • Dundee 1 hour
  • Stirling 40 minutes
  • Perth 40 minutes
  • Glasgow 50 minutes


  • Rosyth Deep Water
  • Port Grangemouth
  • Docks Kirkcaldy
  • Methil
  • Burntisland


Main East Coast Rail link Fife Circle – Edinburgh Main West Coast Rail link Freight links

Airport connections from Edinburgh, 20 direct UK destinations, 87 International including US & Middle East, 46 flights per day to London

Key investment Opportunities Dunfermline

Dunfermline Learning Campus

Fife College, Fife Council and private sector partners have invested around £180M to develop an innovative, integrated, and collaborative new learning campus in the heart of Dunfermline. The new campus will be purpose-built and fully accessible for all pupils, parents, staff and community users. There will be social spaces to encourage group learning, courtyards, multi-use games areas, and all-weather and grass sports pitches.

Read more about Dunfermline Learning Campus

Dunfermline Learning Campus

Arrol Gibb Innovation Campus (AGIC)

Arrol Gibb Innovation Campus (AGIC) is a global centre of excellence which is transforming large-scale manufacturing through innovation and learning. It will become the first large-scale digitally enabled advanced manufacturing facility for the marine and energy transition sectors in the UK. The facility is located in Rosyth, an established location for manufacturing and engineering expertise.

In a unique collaboration, AGIC brings together Babcock International, the Royal Navy, two universities, the regional college and the government. It offers core capabilities in advanced and large-scale manufacturing, composites, robotics and digital manufacturing, which are all supported by cross-campus skills development and an innovation hub.

Arrol Gibb Innovation Campus (AGIC)

Fife Interchange Business Units

The proposed business units are being developed by Fife Council as part of the Fife Industrial Innovation Investment (i3) Programme. The Programme forms part of the Edinburgh & South East Scotland City Region Deal, which aims to transform the regional economy with a £1.3bn programme of investment spanning 15 years.

Due to be completed in Autumn 2024, the development will comprise 9 new units suitable for Class 4, 5 and 6 uses. Ranging in size from 169 sqm (1,829 sqft) to 761 sqm (8,199 sqft) with the potential to combine units they provide an ideal solution for innovative businesses in manufacturing, technology and service industries, looking to expand or relocate.

Read more about Fife Interchange Business Units.

Fife Interchange North (Business Units)

Fife Interchange South

This site is part of a joint venture between Scottish Enterprise and Fife Council. The site is part of the wider investment and development of the Fife Interchange area. Fife Council has undertaken site servicing works in respect of Fife Interchange North and there are proposals to undertake the construction of a range of industrial units.

Read more about Fife Interchange South

Fife Interchange South

Forth Green Freeport

Forth Green Freeport is Scotland’s largest opportunity to deliver a just transition to net zero, to attract significant inward investment, to build international trade and export capability, and to create high-quality and well-paid jobs. Forth Green Freeport will act as a catalyst for new green technologies, alternative fuels and renewable energy manufacturing - accelerating the nation’s just transition to net zero.

Alongside major upgrades to infrastructure and technology-backed skills development programmes for young people and harder to reach communities. Forth Green Freeport will stimulate the country’s re-industrialisation and accelerate Scotland’s industrial cluster’s vital path to a cleaner future. Investments will stimulate growth in trade, providing expanded logistics and trade capacity for existing and emerging industries including advanced modular systems, biofuels, hydrogen and carbon capture, e-commerce, pharmaceuticals and storage, supporting additional R&D capability and green incubator space to drive SME and start-up business growth.

Read more about Forth Green Freeport

Forth Green Freeport

Queensferry One

Queensferry One is one of Scotland’s largest and best-connected strategic employment sites, providing an established hub for businesses looking to scale their operations or improve supply chain efficiencies across the central belt and beyond. Offering a range of flexible accommodation options and surrounded by high-quality shared spaces, Queensferry One is designed to suit a range of uses, from heavy engineering buildings to high-quality distribution facilities. Fully serviced sites are immediately available or alternatively design and build opportunities can be tailored to individual occupiers’ requirements.

Read more about Queensferry One

Queensferry One

Supply Chain Excellence

Dunfermline boasts a robust supply chain ecosystem, with key players in the financial and business sectors driving economic growth and innovation. The city is home to a myriad of businesses, ranging from small startups to multinational corporations, each contributing to the vibrant tapestry of Fife's economy.

The Pitreavie Business Park & Carnegie Campus in Dunfermline make up Scotland's largest single centre for financial shared services.

Notable key players in the industry base in Dunfermline include Sky, Ingenico, VITEC, Sainsbury’s Bank, Santander, NatWest Group, Lloyds Banking Group and Thomson Cooper Accountants, renowned for their expertise, innovation, and commitment to excellence. These institutions serve as catalysts for economic development, providing vital services and resources to businesses and entrepreneurs alike. Their presence further enhances Dunfermline's reputation as a hub of financial and business activity, attract

Scotlands Payments Capital
Fintech Scotland

Fintech Scotland is a financial and technology ecosystem, and Fife has a key role. Some of the foundations of digital payments and transfer systems were pioneered by entrepreneurial innovation arising from the electronics industry. These young companies such as Fortronic and Level 4 software created foundations for the Payment industry. The cluster in Fife has global reach through mergers and acquisitions which have recognised and maintained the pool of skills and experience.

Skilled Workforce

Companies locating in Dunfermline can benefit from recruitment, selection and training support through Fife Council’s Opportunities Fife and Employability Team. The region has a strong commitment to workforce training, life-long learning and skills development – creating the conditions to attract and retain talent, develop a knowledge economy and promote a culture of enterprise

Developing the Young Workforce (DYW)
Developing the Young Workforce (DYW) aims to create a rich variety of high-quality learning opportunities, linked to skills needs and employer demand, enabling young people to be informed and empowered to make smart decisions about the best route to work for them.
Culture of Enterprise

At Fife Council, the Economic Development team is committed to linking both education and industry together. Our Meet the Business programme, in partnership with DYW, is a great way to invest in your future workforce by sharing a short bio of your business and the skills required to work in your industry. This helps to provide our young people with an insight into working life in the industry.

Fife College

Fife College boasts first-class facilities, expert teaching and a wide range of courses suited to the needs of local and national industry. With five campuses across the region and a host of local learning centres the College is within easy reach of the Fife community making learning even more accessible than ever before. Fife College delivers over 1,000 education and training courses for over 22,000 students studying at a range of levels from introductory and access programmes, through craft and intermediate levels to higher diplomas, degrees and post-graduate studies.

Skilled Workforce
Opportunities Fife

Opportunities Fife can provide local employers with a single entry point and act as a gateway into accessing a whole range of services available to help you and your business. They will discuss your recruitment needs, develop tailored training solutions to meet the real skill needs of your business and match these to local individuals looking for work.

University of St. Andrews

The University of St Andrews ranks in the top 100 universities in the world. Founded in 1413 if offers students a world-renowned education that prepares them for working in a professional environment.

Rich Cultural Heritage and Vibrant Community

Dunfermline's cultural heritage forms the cornerstone of its identity, enriching the city with a tapestry of historical landmarks and cultural attractions.

The iconic Dunfermline Abbey stands as a testament to centuries of tradition and architectural splendour, drawing visitors from far and wide to marvel at its timeless beauty. The surrounding Pittencrieff Park offers a serene retreat, where residents and visitors alike can unwind amidst lush greenery and scenic vistas.

The Carnegie Trust legacy embodies Dunfermline's commitment to education, innovation, and community development. Founded by philanthropist Andrew Carnegie, the trust continues to empower future generations through its dedication to education, culture, and the arts. This legacy not only adds value to Dunfermline's cultural landscape but also fosters an environment conducive to creativity, collaboration, and digital innovation.

Beyond the beauty, Dunfermline offers a vibrant atmosphere.

Rich Cultural Heritage and
Vibrant Community

The Alhambra Theatre and Dunfermline Carnegie Library host a variety of performances and exhibitions. Local galleries and art studios showcase the talent of emerging artists.

Dunfermline comes alive throughout the year with exciting events like the Outwith Festival, the Annual Charity Gin & Beer Festivals and the popular live music scene held on weekends.

From traditional Scottish fare to international cuisine, Dunfermline offers a diverse range of restaurants and cafes to tantalise your taste buds.


A city on the rise

InvestFife is a collective brand that encompasses all of Fife Council’s Economic Development services, including Business Enterprise, Land, and Property. InvestFife collaborates closely with various partner organisations, such as Business Gateway Fife, Scottish Enterprise, Scottish Development International, and the Fife Chamber of Commerce, in addition to colleagues in the Council’s planning services department. This collaboration ensures the delivery of a comprehensive 'Team Fife' investment and business support package.

Dunfermline, a place of history, innovation and opportunity

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