Economy and Workforce

Fife is the perfect choice for businesses attracted by proximity, first-class business propositions, a capable workforce and lower costs.

Fife’s workforce exceeds 220,000 people and the region is within an hour’s drive of 1 million workers. It makes a significant contribution to the Scottish economy with an annual business turnover of £10,312 million that supports around 9,000 businesses and 94,000 jobs.

Fife has a strong commitment to workforce training, life-long learning and skills development – creating the conditions to attract and retain talent, develop a knowledge economy and promote a culture of enterprise.


Key facts about Fife's workforce



The Fife Economic Strategy for 2017 - 2027 is a joint plan between Fife Council, the Fife Economy Partnership - which leads on the economy theme for Fife's community plan - and the Opportunities Fife Partnership which is concerned with the delivery of employability and skills for Fife.

Three strategic aims in the strategy include;

Set Up and Operating Costs

Overheads in Fife are among the most competitive in Scotland and commercial rents, property sale values and business rates are lower than in other, nearby Central Belt locations.