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Fife welcomes over 8 million visitors each year and has been the annual holiday destination for domestic visitors as well as overseas visitors since the Victorian era when coastal holidays were the norm. Its popularity is due to the remarkable variety of experiences Fife offers as a destination, all contained within 1,325 square kms on the east coast of Scotland.

The 'Kingdom of Fife' is famous for its colourful fishing villages, glorious beaches and coastline, and St Andrews - the home of golf. There's much more to enjoy though. With its rich culture, history and heritage, outdoor activities, leisure pursuits and delicious local food it’s a great place to locate your business.

The Fife tourism sector is supported through the Fife Tourism Partnership and its associated six Local Tourist Associations where business are able to collaborate to develop local area initiatives, influence the Fife Tourism Strategy or just network with other likeminded business people.

To get involved with tourism in Fife you can register for Free on the website to receive the latest tourism news and events in each area. The consumer website is

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