Orca Oceanic Systems Ltd (Orca) has announced a new operations facility at the former Burntisland Fabrications (BiFab) site located in Burntisland, after securing a significant contract from Well-Safe Solutions for the provision of Dive System Support and Engineering Services.

The Burntisland facility will be the focal point for the refurbishment, modernisation and commissioning of dive systems and associated equipment by the Aberdeen headquartered business. Mike Masson, Managing Director of Orca Oceanic Systems: “We are delighted to finally be in our new Burntisland facility.

The ex-BiFab location, its facilities, and the surrounding area’s engineering capabilities makes the location uniquely suited to execute our current and future projects and contracts.

“Work has already begun at the new facility on Well-Safe Solutions’ Saturation Dive System, which arrived from Singapore a few weeks ago. The system will undergo a comprehensive modification, refurbishment and commissioning scope prior to being installed on the Well-Safe Guardian, Well-Safe Solution’s bespoke plug and abandonment asset.”

Forth Ports has been supportive of Orca’s expansion, which will see the business treble its workforce with a mixture of full-time staff and contractors. Derek Knox, Senior Port Manager at Forth Ports, said: “We welcome the team from Orca Oceanic Systems to Burntisland and we look forward to supporting them as they develop their operations facility at the port.