Coronavirus: Fife clothing firm Keela makes gowns for NHS staff

A Fife-based manufacturer of high-specification clothing is recruiting more staff and ramping up production of personal protective equipment (PPE) for NHS workers as it joins the fight against Covid-19.

Keela’s performance gear is also used by professionals, the military, and outdoor enthusiasts.

Responding to the pandemic, the firm is now developing easy-to-manufacture surgical gowns and coveralls together with a range of other PPE for use in the health sector as the company responds to the pandemic.

Key to the firm’s products is their patented technology used to seal the seams on garments, a crucial feature for medical staff as they treat patients with the virus.

The firm’s sister company Ardmel, which manufactures machinery and consumables for sealing clothing, has also increased production to allow other companies to fabricate medical PPE.

The two companies have a workforce of around 50 staff in Scotland.

Sales director Sam Fernando said the Glenrothes-based firm is also providing advice and support to other companies, so that they can rapidly transition to production of PPE for the NHS.

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Photo credit: The Courier