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Growers Garden


Growers Garden broccoli crisps originate from a farm diversification project aiming to promote sustainable farming by increasing crop usage and reducing food waste. Growers Garden produce the world’s first crisp to contain FRESH broccoli as the no.1 ingredient, utilising out grades and wonky broccoli from their Scottish farms in the process.

Why Fife?

Fife is the perfect location for the business as it is easily accessible to the 16 growers who are based within Fife, Perthshire, Angus and the Scottish Borders. Not only this but Fife provides excellent transport links to the rest of Scotland and beyond for customers and suppliers.

“Invest Fife are exceptionally approachable and supportive to our team. From the beginning they have shown a real understating of our immediate needs as well as long term business needs and are pro-active in identifying future opportunities for Growers Garden.”

– Alan Wallace, Commercial Manager

Growers Garden recently invested in their own facility as they quickly became aware that existing snack producers were not willing to put fresh wet broccoli through their nice dry factories! To overcome this Growers Garden designed and built an extrusion facility within the heart of Fife. The team now produce their own product within Fife as well as having the facility to offer other producers innovative and industry leading extruded snacks.


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