TGM - Lighten Up! The 2021 Lightweight Conference

June 17, 2021, 09.00 – June 18, 2021, 17.00

 About this Event

Are you an expert on Lightweighting and weight management? Or do you want to meet others who are?

Is your company challenged to meet demanding weight targets?

Are you on track in the race towards carbon-neutral mobility?

Or do you want to simply save time and money in your engineering processes!


Join us to explore state-of-the-art approaches and to network across industries!

This is an exclusive, interactive online-conference for lightweighting experts, engineers, designers, managers and researchers from industries including Automotive, Aerospace, Rail and Shipbuilding. This is the space to exchange, gather new information, explore new technologies and solve problems.

Together we will engage in the quest to reduce resource usage, save weight and reduce energy consumption, while maintaining structural properties.

Lighten Up! The 2021 Lightweight Conference is

At Lighten Up! The 2021 Lightweight Conference, participants will have access to:

Extensive networking possibilities across industries, creating synergies. Yes, even online!

New insights and approaches that achieve results

Answers to YOUR questions regarding Lightweighting and weight management

Exchange with researchers from renowned universities and institutes

A combination of theoretical models and proven, practical approaches

PLUS exclusive access to recorded presentations and content after the conference*

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