Data Driven Innovation (DDI) - Robotics & Care Mashup

May 10, 2021, 09.00 – May 14, 2021, 17.00

Two of the DDI hubs, the Usher Institute and National Robotarium, are joining forces with Product Forge to run a Robotics & Care Mashup hackathon this May.

The Robotics + Care Mashup (10–14th May) is a week-long collider and hackathon bringing together designers, technologists and subject matter experts from the care sector.

Teams will be engaged on a cross-disciplinary product development sprint to prototype commercially viable concepts that support people with assisted living needs.

If you’re a designer or have expertise in health & care, medical informatics, and digital technology, this would be a great event for you! But you don't need to have a technical background to participate; even if you've never worked on a technical product before, this is a great opportunity to learn how projects like these are managed in a fast paced cross disciplinary environment.

The event runs over a week to provide as much flexibility as possible for participants - how much time you dedicate is up to you. Our interactive sessions will run mid-morning to early afternoon each day, but recorded for playback if you're participating in the evening.

For those in professions that require CPD, there will be a CPD track assessed by the CPD standards office that can count towards your ongoing professional development.

The National Robotarium and Usher Institute are part of a regional network of five Data-Driven Innovation hubs at the University of Edinburgh and Heriot-Watt University, created as part of the Edinburgh and South East Scotland City Region Deal.

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