Digital Manufacturing on a Shoestring

June 22, 2021, 09.30 – 11.00

The Digital Manufacturing on a Shoestring project is designed to make digitalisation accessible for small and medium sized manufacturers by providing relatable, value adding solutions that, as well as improving processes, also upskills staff and enables collaboration with other likeminded companies and Higher Education Institutions.


Will Bridgeman, the Chairman of Warren Services, will begin this virtual event by explaining what the Shoestring Project is how it aligns to his company’s vision and values.


A SMAS client, who has just deployed a live job tracking Shoestring solution, shares how the company has benefited from this how it has made them ask ‘what else can technology do for us?’ 


Rachel Tulloch, Engineering Programme Manager at ESP, will then introduce the team from Fife College to demonstrate

their capabilities. 


The Shoestring project presents a huge opportunity for companies and local colleges to work together to advance

digitalisation in industry Colleges can both showcase the potential of low cost digital solutions in manufacturing, and help

deploy these in companies, in the process upskilling employees In addition, students benefit from the effective project

based learning opportunities which in turn inspire the next generation to follow a career in manufacturing


This webinar is open to all manufacturing SMEs across the country In the autumn we will invite companies to attend an

on site showcase of Shoestring demonstrations at Fife College, with the aim to follow up with a roll out of Shoestring

solutions in industry lead by the College Attendees at the event will be encouraged to support the initiative and help

shape the future of further events with other colleges across the country


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What will I get out of this event?

» Identify low cost digital options suitable for small companies

» First hand account from a Scottish SME,

» Opportunities for involvement in the Shoestring project

» See how Scotland's colleges network can support you in your digitisation journey,


To register for the event please click here