Culture of Enterprise

Culture of Enterprise

Fife Council’s economic development team strive to link education with industry through our range of exciting enterprise programmes which are delivered in both primary and secondary schools across Fife. The programmes are designed to develop enterprising young people with increased commercial awareness, decision making, problem solving and communication skills and inspire the future entrepreneur.

Our Meet the Business programme is a great way to invest in your future workforce by sharing a short bio of what your business does, the skills required to work in your industry and company videos to give our young people an insight into working life in industry which is shared on the Glow website for the young people to access.

To register or find out more about how your business can engage in education, please contact Alison Sinclair at

Additional Projects

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4 to Fortune

4toFortune is delivered by Fife Council's Economic Development team for pupils of all ages.

4 pupils, £4.00 4 weeks

Pupils will work in teams of 4 to come up with a school enterprise idea to turn £4.00 seed money into as much as they can in 4 weeks. Pupils will upload their teams balance sheet at the end of each week to track how much money they have both spent and made in that week. Schools can then use the profits to support a local cause or as funding towards a school project. Schools may also choose to set up their own sustainable social enterprise and re-invest their seed money the following year to allow more pupils to enjoy taking part.

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Meet the Business

Meet the Business aims to provide access to businesses and entrepreneurs in Fife by making filmed interviews and sharing corporate videos widely accessible through GLOW. Pupils can learn about Fife businesses, their products and services, the breadth of careers available in these businesses, the skills that may be needed to be a successful member in their team.

Pupils will also hear from entrepreneurs on some of the vital, and sometimes difficult, lessons they have learnt through their careers and entrepreneurial journey.

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3D Printing

Fife Council’s Economic Development Team deliver a 3D printing programme for Primary School pupils in P6 and P7 in partnership with Fife College. The 3D printers are loaned out to schools where the pupils will learn about 3D modelling, design and printing using Tinkercad. The programme gives an insight into the technology they are likely to come into contact with in their future workplace and can be dovetailed with a school enterprise project for pupils to create their own 3D designs to sell in their local communities.


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